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Secureworks Channel Partners: Why CRN Gave Us Its Coveted Rating

Cybersecurity represents a multibillion-dollar global market opportunity for the channel. SMBs, after all, have many of the same security concerns as their larger peers. But they lack the resources to address those concerns without outside help. Plus, with security talent in short supply, it makes sense that they’d turn to the channel—whether an MSSP, value-added integrator, or other solution provider—to achieve the results they need at a price they can afford.

It also makes sense that the channel wants to partner with Secureworks®. With our matchless combination of industry-leading security solutions, world-class threat intelligence, and two-decades-plus of accumulated SecOps expertise, Secureworks uniquely empowers channel partners to defend their clients against attacks and—just as importantly—to help clients remediate and recover from any attack that gets past their first lines of defense.

But there’s another major reason the channel loves working with us: We have the best channel program for cybersecurity. And we just got independent validation of that assertion with CRN’s coveted five-star rating of our channel program.

CRN’s five-star rating is achieved only by select vendors that deliver the best of the best, going above and beyond in their partner programs to help push growth and positive change. Companies are scored based on their investments in program offerings, partner profitability, partner training, education and support, marketing programs and resources, sales support, and communication.

And CRN is not just some newcomer to the rating of partner programs. CRN® and its parent, The Channel Company, have been serving the channel for nearly 40 years and are probably the channel’s most dominant brand.

Key elements of Secureworks Global Partner Program that enabled us to obtain our five-star rating from CRN include:

  • Taegis® XDR and Managed XDR. Taegis XDR delivers advanced analytics that are continuously updated with threat indicators and countermeasures from Secureworks’ world-renown Counter Threat Unit™—enabling our channel partners to quickly and accurately detect and interdict even the most sophisticated attacks anywhere across their clients’ endpoint, network, and cloud environments. Taegis XDR also enables MSSPs and others to operate with the utmost efficiency, since they spend less time dealing with false positives and/or bouncing between tools.
  • Taegis® VDR. One of the most important services any MSSP provides is the proactive discovery and remediation of known vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, clients almost invariably have more vulnerabilities than anyone can immediately patch. Taegis® VDR directly and uniquely addresses this fundamental problem by helping channel partners intelligently prioritize their remediation efforts based on their clients’ actual business risk. It also boosts MSSP efficiency by automating many routine vulnerability management tasks.
  • Training and enablement. Cybersecurity is a complex discipline that changes at a faster pace than any other technology. That’s why channel partners appreciate the considerable resources Secureworks offers to ensure that they can win and maintain the trust of their clients—while continuously identifying new opportunities to be of service.
  • Sales and marketing. CRN and its channel constituency are very well-aware of how IT vendors in general—and cybersecurity vendors in particular—often talk “partnership” while expecting the channel to do most or all of the lead generation. CRN’s five-star rating affirms that Secureworks is a true partner when it comes to marketing and sales.
  • Financial rewards. Secureworks is taking an aggressive approach to partner compensation. Our program incentives in combination with our state-of-the-art solutions and second-to-none channel support empower our partners to optimize net new revenue streams with healthy operating margins.
  • Partner voice. One reason we achieved a five-star CRN rating while being a relatively new channel player is that we really, really listen to what our partners want and need—and we are quick to act on what we hear. This strong engagement with our channel partners (which includes a very lively and effective Partner Council) ensures that our programs will continue to improve and better serve our partners over time based on real feedback from the real world.
  • Simplicity. Life for our channel partners is hard enough. The last thing they need is a complex, tiered program with all kinds of technicalities and restrictions they have to figure out and navigate. Our program is free of such complexities. It’s simple. The more you achieve, the more you earn.

If you’re currently a Secureworks partner, we appreciate your help in our achievement of this latest honor.

If you’re not, we hope our five-star rating from CRN will intrigue you enough to reach out and learn more about what we have to offer. There are a lot of organizations that need protecting—and relatively few channel players truly capable of delivering that protection. We’d love to help you become one of those players. So reach out to me at to learn more.

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