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Power of Two: Threat Hunting + ManagedXDR

Threat hunting consists of proactively and iteratively searching for and discovering current or historical threats that evade existing security mechanisms. Once found, those threats are used to create new or improved detections and to increase organizations’ cyber resilience.

Not every organization has threat hunters on staff and, if they do, their duties are often split with other work efforts, making it challenging to perform hunts at scale to find relevant threats. This is why many SecOps (security operations) teams have started relying heavily upon automated software, called XDR, to find threats early in the kill chain because of its speed, scalability, and precision.

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The most effective threat detection solutions deliver recurring proof that stealthy threats are not lurking in your environment. Those solutions identify threats across your IT environment – endpoints, networks, cloud environments, applications, and identity data sets – that bypass traditional detection methods.

XDR solutions decrease time to detection with machine learning . But human-led analysis in support of machine learning adds an additional layer of threat hunting. The best way to detect and respond to threats is to combine the power of both XDR solutions with threat hunting: the speed of continuously adapting machine learning technology coupled with inquisitive human minds that are well versed in threat hunting, incident response, data science, and adversary tactics.

Adversaries are human and think the same way a network defender does. They need to break into the organization and remain undetected. They want to understand what defenses are in place, and how to get past them without anyone noticing to achieve their goals. Adversaries can use technology to evade an organization’s security protocols and structure, but more often resort to blending in with the environment to find ways to breach critical data and information. This is where having a continuous threat hunter who knows your system adds the unique value of recognizing anomalies or unusual behaviors that otherwise would go undetected.

This is the basis for Secureworks® Taegis™ ManagedXDR Elite, our premium tier of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) that provides continuous, managed threat hunting that can be tailored to every environment. Secureworks delivers state-of-the-art XDR technology that immediately begins analyzing data with effortless speed and scalability, while your designated Secureworks threat hunter complements the technology by serving as an extended member of your team. He or she will get to know your IT environment, and security and business priorities, through research and bi-weekly meetings.

Leveraging over 20 years of security service excellence, findings from incident response and adversarial assessment engagements, and leading threat research, the technology and human intelligence of ManagedXDR Elite  provide the organized, managed threat hunting organizations need to keep threats from lurking, so you can focus on what matters to your business.

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