Workforce Analytics to Deliver Productivity Insights

With ActivTrak, you get immediate visibility and insights into HOW employees work so you can quickly optimize productivity, ensure operational compliance and boost employee engagement across today’s distributed work environments.



Get bite-sized business intelligence for understanding productivity, pinpointing inefficient operational areas, viewing top users and teams as well as top applications and websites usage.

Team Summary

Immediately see user and team productivity and availability status via an at-a-glance dashboard.

Productivity Reports

View a variety of analytical reports to drill-down into valuable team productivity insights for comparative analysis.

Activity Classification

Build a library of applications and websites employees use to understand how employees work.

Application & Web Usage

Understand app and site usage by team and individual to identify adoption gaps and potential risk areas from unvetted tools.


Utilize pre-built alarms and custom create your own with any combination of conditions to fit your operational compliance needs.


Easily integrate ActivTrak productivity data with your other software applications for deeper analytics into how work gets done.

Activity Logs

Reference detailed logs of user activities and events collected to better understand understand what transpired, when and by whom for audit trails.