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MDR Security Done Right

This isn’t breaking news: managed detection and response (MDR) solutions are popular. Threat actors continue evolving their tactics and behaviors, amplifying the need for MDR solutions as a core foundational tenant of security strategy. In fact, Gartner reports 50 percent of organizations will be using MDR services for threat monitoring, detection, and response by 2025.

If your organization is looking for a managed detection and response solution, then it’s not surprising there are a variety of approaches taken by vendors. Solutions range from those overly focused on the endpoint to others cobbling together various pieces of disparate point products, to those that have leveraged a purpose-built approach.

Solutions that lean on an organization’s security staff to perform investigations across different products, or to manually update underlying technology with intelligence can put an undue burden on strained staff. Considering the current global cybersecurity skills shortage, your understaffed SOC needs an MDR solution that will help them work as efficiently and effectively as possible

Now is the time to break through the chaos of so many solutions on the market and determine how MDR security done right can deliver three critical business outcomes you need:

Reduce your risk

The bottom line for anyone looking to purchase a security solution: lower the likelihood of getting breached. While there is no magic elixir that guarantees 100 percent immunity, the right MDR solution protects your environment with holistic, around-the-clock monitoring across your IT landscape. This vigilance must go beyond the endpoint and extend across your business systems to include network, cloud, identity, and more. The right solution delivers proactive response actions that you can assign for specific aspects of your environment, enabling immediate response on only those assets. Reducing risk also relies on the need for a solution to incorporate timely threat intelligence that’s constantly updated and curated to your environment.

Optimize your IT and security investments

The value and benefit of investing in an MDR solution gets diminished quickly if doing so requires ripping and replacing existing investments in security tools. The right MDR solution will feature ways to integrate with your current security and IT infrastructure. Rather than disrupting your security stack it pulls everything together harmoniously. This requires a solution built on an extensible, open platform that protects your previous investments, and ensures constant vigilance and ability to respond cascades across more of your environment.

Fill your talent gaps

The right MDR solution keeps your security team – that is, if you have a security team – from having to become experts in advanced analytics and detection, the cybersecurity landscape, incident response, and threat hunting. It’s important to find an MDR solution that can cut through the vast volume of alert noise to prioritize the most serious threats, and back that up with deep and broad threat detection, detailed investigations, insights from experienced security personnel, automated response actions, and proactive hunting for stealthy threats. Most organizations do not have staff who possess those skills or have time to dedicate to these activities and need a solution that includes on-demand access to cybersecurity experts.

MDR done right should feature a wealth of experience in security operations, threat research and incident response, combined with an open and extensible software platform that applies advanced analytics and the latest findings from the threat landscape. If this type of MDR security interests you, we invite you to check out MDR Done Right, our new eBook focused on what to look for when selecting the right MDR solution for you.

About Secureworks Managed Detection and Response

Secureworks Taegis™ ManagedXDR is managed detection and response built by security experts, for security experts, to help organizations scale their security operations and provide insights into the global threat landscape. Based on Taegis – our extensible, open XDR platform that is accessible to customers – Taegis ManagedXDR delivers proactive threat prevention, detection and response across customer environments with around-the-clock monitoring of business systems, including endpoints, networks, cloud, identity, and more. Taegis ManagedXDR is a managed service that marries the AI-driven analytics of Taegis with the expertise of Secureworks analysts and is the result of more than 20 years of experience in security operations, threat research, and incident response.

Taegis ManagedXDR delivers 24×7 managed detection and response. Download our free eBook on MDR Done Right to learn how we help customers defend effectively against cyber threats.

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