What to expect from CS Hub’s Global Summit 2022

Cyber security issues are one of the biggest concerns for organizations today and have become front-page news as we are firmly in an era of digital expansion.

Digital transformation, combined with external factors like the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical issues, has seen the network boundaries of organizations expand exponentially and the attack surface is greater than it has ever been. Coupled with the fact that threat actors continue to improve and evolve their tactics, CISOs and security owners are under pressure to ensure that their organization is protected.

Join CS Hub’s flagship event Cyber Security Digital Summit: Global 2022 to learn more about ransomware today, building a modern threat detection and response program, how to mitigate supply chain attacks and incident response planning.

At the 2022 iteration of CS Hub’s flagship event you will hear from the likes of James Johnson, CISO at John Deere, Muhittin Hasancioglu, cyber security advisor and former CISO at Petronas, Lynn Dohm, executive director at Women in Cybersecurity, and many more.

Register here for the Cyber Security Digital Summit: Global 2022, taking place on 3 – 5 May

In this article discover three key takeaways to expect from attending the event.

Protecting against today’s ransomware threats

Ransomware is not a new phenomenon but we continue to see organizations fall victim to such attacks. Ransomware gangs have stepped up their tactics and organizations must keep pace to mitigate such attacks.

During the Global Summit industry-leading experts will discuss how to detect even the stealthiest ransomware programs as well as preventing them from hitting your network.

You can also join day one’s discussion where AttackIQ’s Andrew Costis ask the question: ”Is it ever OK to pay a ransom after an attack?”. The answer is not as simple as yes or no and you will hear the pros and cons of paying as well as other factors to consider on the topic of ransomware.

Find the full Cyber Security Digital Summit: Global 2022 agenda here

Building a threat detection and response program

Threat detection and response provides the backbone of any security program but there is a clear need to ensure you have the latest tools available to guarantee your efforts stand up to today’s threats.

With traditional approaches often proving to be inefficient, slow and resulting in blind spots, it is time to reevaluate and ensure your program is up to scratch.

One option is to consider a cloud-native SIEM and SOAR which leverages automation and enables scalability. This will be explained by Arnaud Loos and Greg Kushmerek from Chronicle.

Meanwhile, Dave Martin and Vijay Viswanathan from Open Systems, , will also discuss how to successfully evaluate a managed detection and response (MDR) service provider to successfully bolster your existing program.

Find the full Cyber Security Digital Summit: Global 2022 agenda here

Preventing supply chain attacks

An organization’s third-party supplier has now become a weak link in the security chain as threat actors are now leveraging the digital supply chain to infiltrate a target’s network.

The recent Okta incident provides a good example of such an incident. During the leaders’ panel at Cyber Security Digital Summit: Global 2022 security practitioners from Petronas, Northrop Grumman and John Deere will discuss lessons that have been learned from such incidents.

By attending this year’s event, uncover how a risk-based approach can help you mitigate these third-party risks and learns ways to evolve your security requirements for partners you select.

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