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Announcing the winner of the Secureworks® Cybersecurity Literacy Challenge

At Secureworks®, we protect thousands of organizations with battle-tested, best-in-class cybersecurity offerings. In addition to great technology, we believe education is critical to a strong cyber defense. To that end, we partnered with the DevPost community and platform to offer the Secureworks Cybersecurity Literacy Challenge. Contestants developed online games to improve cybersecurity literacy. Their submissions were reviewed by a diverse panel of judges across the cybersecurity industry.

In third place is Cypher Forest Operation Systems. In this game, you play as a young hacker named Six. When Six’s father disappears, leaving behind an old Mac OS computer, you follow along a mysterious story while solving puzzles in retro operating systems.

One contest judge said of the game, “Cypher Forest was a very well built and constructed game, drawing inspiration from various famous books and movies, to create a mini-forest environment targeted at further educating cyber security professionals. The graphics were fabulous and really fed into the target audience being security professionals. I was very impressed with the construct and teachings from this game.”

In second place is Cysec Intern. Play as a newly hired intern as you learn about cybersecurity concepts through decision-making in this casual game.

“Cysec Intern is a brilliant example of how time and effort can feed into an intelligently constructed, educational game. I thoroughly enjoyed testing and playing the game and felt clear attention had been played to even the smallest details. This for me was a clear winner and shone a light on cyber literacy education,” said a contest judge.

And in first place, receiving the grand prize of $10,000 is Cyber Security Escape Room! Take on the role of a hacker and get your hands on sensitive information in this cloud-based security awareness training game.

“Cyber Security Escape Room was an accessible and easy to use game, which demonstrated fantastically how cyber literacy can be made easy to understand for all. The graphics were very well thought out and easy for users of all skillsets to follow. I look forward to seeing where this game could go!” a contest judge said.

Congratulations to our winners! As well, thank you to our judges: David Chou, Global Healthcare CIO (LinkedIn), Eric Escobar, Technical Lead & Principal Consultant, Secureworks Adversary Group (SwAG)  (LinkedIn), Dr. Sally Eaves, Emergent Technology CTO and Global Strategy Advisor (LinkedIn), Scott Schober, CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (LinkedIn), Rebecca Taylor, Incident Command Knowledge Manager, Secureworks (LinkedIn), Trenton Ivey, Senior Consultant Information Security, Secureworks (LinkedIn), and Tyler Cohen Wood, Co-Founder, Dark Cryptonite and Cyber Woman of the Year Finalist 2021 (LinkedIn).

To learn how Secureworks helps organizations prevent, detect, and respond to threats to help customers reduce their risk, maximize existing security investments, and fill their talent gaps check out our case studies.

The Secureworks Cybersecurity Literacy Challenge was open to anyone from security practitioners, developers, cyber enthusiasts, to students. Employees of Secureworks, Dell, and any of our judges’ organizations were not eligible.


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